What to do after 10th board exams ?

What to do after 10th board, is much more crucial than performance in 10 th board exams. You need to be very careful and aware before making any decision and a wrong move can take toll on your career. Following questions may pop in your mind after board exam.


These are very crucial questions and must be analysed thoroughly.

  1. Which stream should we choose in 11 th standard? You should choose that stream after 10th standard, that matches with your aptitude, personality and has got ample number of opportunities in future. For example if you are keen to become a cricketer, you must evaluate, how much are the chances of you becoming a professional cricketer, if you continue playing cricket? On the other hand, if you want to become an engineer, then how much are the chances if you prepare for JEE for two years? Take a decision, which is viable. We recommend an academic stream for 11 th and 12 th . In case you are heavily biased towards arts or commerce or science, go ahead with your choice. But if you are confused about the stream then we suggest science, because one can always get back to humanities and commerce after science and vice versa is not true. For example after completing 12 th science, a student can do BCA, BA, BCOM etc, but he can never do B.E, B.Tech or BSc unless he has perused science in 11th and 12th standard. Anyways basic knowledge of science is always helpful and many times mandatory in most of the fields. If still there is confusion, you can take a Psychometric Assessment to map your Real Talents. Psychometric test is not just an Aptitude test. It primarily judges a person across seven different aptitudes and twenty eight different personality traits and understands the Unique Talent pattern of a student. You may take help of counselors in your city. In Pune, Prime Academy can help you to decide your stream by psychometric tests and counseling.
  2. Which all Subjects: Once you have decided broadly which stream you wants to opt for, then comes another task of choosing correct subject combination. Before deciding subjects, you should first finalize your long term goal. For example if you want to be an engineer than he must be knowing that you have to give JEE after 12 th , which will test your fundamentals of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Most of the subjects of a particular stream are already decided, and you have to decide other subjects as per your long term goal. For e.g., a student, who have opted for science, must have Physics, Chemistry and English. Other subjects can be from the list of Mathematics, Biology, computer science, IT etc.. In case a student is seeking for engineering, then he should take mathematics as well. In case he is biased towards Biology, then instead of Mathematics, he should opt for Biology. Don’t take both Mathematics and biology. These two subjects are heavy and will require lots of time for preparation. But ultimately only one of them will be helpful for the competitive exams, which he must appear for, after 12th exam. He should choose some light subject as his 5th subject. For example CS, IT, Geography, etc are better option as these subjects will not put much pressure, and he can easily concentrate on the preparation of competitive exams, which is much more important than 12 th board scores. Sometimes students think that keeping both subject ( biology and Mathematics) will make them more safe. Basically they think that another subject will be a fall back option. But in such cases, ultimately they end up diluting their concentration from both because of multiple aims. Just imagine that you want to become a chess representative of your school and start playing hockey also to safeguard yourself. You prepare for chess as well as hockey, with a thought in mind “If I fail to get selected in school chess team then I will get selected in school hockey team at least”. But it’s a wrong approach. When selection of chess is going on then you will be competing with those students who have given their 100% to chess an your hockey skills will not give you any extra point. Similarly in hockey selection, your chess knowledge is wate. Ultimately you will get rejected from both ! Same thing happens with those students who prepare for Medical as well as Engineering simultaneously. , For further details you can click this link or visit various genuine coaching classes in your city to guide you better.
  3.  Is coaching class necessary ? Well many students and parents claim to have studied till 10th without coaching, but 11th and 12th are totally different ball game. If you want to stick with only 11th and 12th syllabus, then you can skip coacihng class. But the million dollor question is, will 11th and 12th standard level studies suffice the purpose ? You must be aware, that almost all reputed graduation colleges like IITs, NITs for B.Tech, AFMC, AIMs for MBBS, JJ College for B.Arch etc have their entrance exams (competitive exams). In case a college is enrolling students on the basis of donation, then you can imagine, the standard and future of degree from such colleges. Irrespective of the fact whether you have decided to prepare for competitive exams or not, you must appear for these competitive exams (if you want a good college). We strongly feel that coaching classes are must for preparation of such competitive exams. Earlier you start, better it is for you, as chances of getting into your dream college will increase and you will not be overloaded with studies as you have 2 years for the preparation for such exams. One very important point is, usually syllabus of such competitive exams is same as your 11th and 12th standards, with slightly higher level and in depth fundamental. Good coaching classes will help you in multiple ways. Since their faculty team has immense experience of preparing students for such exams, they will help you to do smart work as per the requirements, apart from strengthening your concepts. They will guide about the required methodology and best ways as per exam pattern. In case a student doesnt join a coaching class at right time, then he realizes that he has missed something important when he starts comparing himself with other hard working students of coaching classes. Then he usually joins for crash course at the end of their 12th standard. But believe me, its little late and by that time things become too complicated as they have to cram everything in last few weeks. In a nutshell, joining a good coaching class for IIT JEE at the right time, will be very helpful for all IIT JEE aspirants.
  4. Click here to understand how to choose a good IIT JEE coaching class

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